Success Stories


Here at Biff's CrossFit, we love success. Especially when it’s yours to share. Seriously, it makes us do fist bumps and victory laps. Keep those success stories coming!

  • Linsey Doering

    Not only will you get an awesome workout every time you go, but you’ll receive the support and coaching that goes along with it. They honestly care about your progress and legitimately want to see you succeed. We feel honored to call this place our second home!

  • Donna Lawrence

    Age is only a number. It is never too late to regain your health. It may take older athletes longer to improve, but that isn’t keeping me from defying the aging odds every day.

    I first started at Biff’s CrossFit in April 2015 at the age of 59. I had spent a lot of years running and I had to have knee surgery a couple of years before that, but never got back into running after the surgery. I knew I needed to be doing something but just could not get started. My daughter and son in law both are members at Biff’s and one day my daughter asked me to come with them and check it out. I thought I was too old to do something that extreme, but humored her and put on my work out gear and went. Wow, I was hooked the first time! I am not saying it was easy, but that day I knew CrossFit was my answer to improving my health.

    I started out with the month long OnRamp training which teaches you about all of the equipment and proper form as well as nutrition basics. What I like the most about CrossFit is that I have a trainer there who has my workout planned and is there watching to make sure I am using proper form. I show up and do the work. Oh yes, did I mention a community of people who are there for each other. Win Win Win!

    I am now working out 3-4 days a week and continuously improving. I just now am finishing a 6 week Nutrition program with our amazing coach Justin(Juice) Short, which has helped improve my energy level.

    CrossFit at my age has helped to improve my functional capacity. It is not only about extending life expectancy, but improving and extending enjoyable years. I have been doing this for almost 2 years now and have lost some weight, improved my flexibility and mobility, and I now have more people in my life that I can depend on and trust and who call me Nana.

  • Bryan Estabrooks

    The coaching is phenomenal, the members are extremely supportive of each other. They push you in a very safe, challenging fashion. Watching folks of all levels of fitness pushing each other is contagious!

  • Brock

    One of the best decisions I made was to try crossfit.  I met Jamie Ward through a mutual friend and became a faithful member to Biffs Fitness Center up the street.  When this whole thing started Jamie asked me about trying it out, was definately skeptical about it, had some hesitation, but it has changed my life.  Been here since the start, through the whole process.  Jamie personally is a great owner and friend, trully believes in community.  I think that has been my biggest draw from Biffs, the people.  There are some great people that attend this box.  Have done competitions with several, have done demolition projects with several, have spent holidays with several, some of the best times in my life.  Juice (Justin Short) is a good friend, the head coach, and my teammate.  He does the programming for the box, as well as coach most of the classes.  He is there for whatever goal you may set for yourself.  He helps beginners, competitors, and anything in between.  He gets more excited for the beginners than the old timers, and thats a promise.  If you are on the fence about it give it a solid week.  Dont just come to the 5 am, or 6 am, try every class and find the people or class that fits what you need.  Its not like what you see on TV, its always an encouraging atmosphere and you are never alone or isolated.  It really is worth it, hard to see myself doing anything else with anyone else.  Brock


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